Why does RTLO exist? The purpose for which RTLO is organized is to educate the general public on the dignity and worth of each human life, whatever his or her state or circumstances; to foster respect for human life at the moment of conception until natural death. .

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Letter from the President

September 2016

Protesting in front of an abortion clinic is unsettling and noisy.  On a Saturday last month my wife Ada and I left Owensboro at 4 a.m. in order to get to Louisville before women planning to have an abortion arrived at the EMW Women’s Clinic.  As we walked up to the sidewalk in front of the clinic various people were gathering and a very familiar action plan began. I had  witnessed it several times before and I know some of my readers have been there to see it as well.  Women arriving for an abortion would park a block away and be joined by clinic volunteers dressed in orange vests who would escort them down the sidewalk and into the clinic. A music box near the entrance played loud music in an attempt to drown out the protestors.

Protestors assembled into several groups being careful to abide by the law and keep the sidewalk and entrance unobstructed but inching up to be as close to the door as possible. One group wore yellow vests with the word ‘Immanuel’ on the back.    They met the women surrounded by clinic escorts and would plead with her all the way to the entrance: “Don’t go through with it”, “You’ll regret this later”, “Save your baby”, “We can help you with adoption”.  Another group would line the sidewalk and recite aloud the rosary.  One man at the entrance would use a microphone to tell the women: “Don’t go in”, “They just want your money” and “They don’t care about you”.  Another man would shout to all the African- American women: “I thought black lives mattered”.  Several graphic posters of aborted babies were on display as another way to help   persuade the women to turn around and go home.  Across the street I saw the Archbishop of       Louisville lead in procession a group of about a hundred people who then stood solemnly in prayer for several minutes before marching back uptown praying as they went.

This went on for an hour and a half before the last of 6 women entered the facility.  None turned around but I did see one couple enter a crisis pregnancy center set up next door that offered free ultrasounds. That couple did not carry on to the abortion clinic.

Unfortunately it is only going to get worse in Louisville.   A new Planned Parenthood clinic is getting ready to open in a depressed neighborhood near downtown about 4 blocks from the EWM clinic. I drove by the facility that is in a renovated warehouse with a large fenced  parking lot out front.  Clients will be able to drive through a gate and park on site in front of this massive structure.  There will not be a need for clinic escorts and prolife advocates will have   little opportunity to interact to change minds.

Some good news:  the Kentucky Supreme Court upheld the decision of Governor Bevin to suspend abortions at the EWM clinic in Lexington because they were operating without a proper license.

My next trip to protest in Louisville will be November 12.  Call the Right to Life Office if you want to go.  We will leave Owensboro at 4 a.m. and return by 10:30 a.m.

          Gayle Rhodes



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