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Why does RTLO exist? The purpose for which RTLO is organized is to encourage among the general public an understanding of the dignity and worth of each human life, whatever his or her state or circumstances; to foster respect for human life before and after birth, particularly for the defenseless, the incompetent, the impaired and the incapacitated; to promote and encourage passage of amendatory and statutory measures which will provide protection and support for human life. Included in the protection and support are unborn children who are endangered by those birth control methods, commonly referred to as contraceptives, which are abortifacients in whole or part.

How can you be Pro-Life in Owensboro?

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  • Get your hands dirty and volunteer.
  • Organize a fundraiser at your school, work, or church (we'll help you!).
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  • Attend pro-life events.
  • Let your state representative know you're pro-life.
  • Start conversations with your friends and neighbors…learn how to defend your views.
  • Talk to your kids about pro-life issues.
  • Set up an info table at your church. (We'll get you everything you need!)
  • Get a pro-life licence plate.

Featured on this website are facts about this vital pro-life organization. In visiting the various links, you can find out more about what we do in the defense of Life. You will also be able to find answers to questions you might have about our organization and get the opportunity to join us either as a member through participation in our wide range of events or a volunteer.

Help Wanted

We need YOU to step up and make a big impact for the pro-life movement! Can you give 2-4 hours of your time one day a week to help out in our office? Please consider becoming an office volunteer and helping our organization make a difference in Owensboro! Stop by the office and pick up a Volunteer Packet. Maybe you would rather volunteer at one of our fundraising events or information booths. Whatever your preference, we have opportunities for you to get involved. Don't hesitate. You will not regret being involved in the movement that ends abortion!

Letter from the President

(Written by Jerry Embry; taken from May newsletter)
These are dark days we're living in and I believe there are even darker days coming. It's as if our country has gone insane. It is clear there is a concerted effort to undermine religious values and people of faith. Who would have ever thought it would be possible to be put out of business for refusing to participate in something against your beliefs? We see this happening in the same-sex marriage debate now but don't forget the new healthcare law is doing the same to require businesses and people of faith to provide abortifacients and even abortion coverage.
Can someone be forced by the government to change their deep-rooted religious beliefs? This is an attack on the very heart of what this country was founded upon and freedom itself is at stake in this debate. Since before the founding of the United States of America people came to this country for all types of freedom to be certain but particularly for religious freedom. They came with the desire to live out their faith in God in accordance to their own conscience with the freedom to worship and serve their Creator as they saw fit. This was so important to the framers of the Constitution that it was placed on top of all other freedoms defined.
You are not here by accident. You were born at this time in history for a reason. Our founders fought a war to give us freedom and every generation after has had to defend it. And now it's our turn. Persuading people that protecting the lives of the unborn is right is seemingly an insurmountable task. To those who are pro-life it is unimaginable that we have to persuade anyone to see what we believe to be a self-evident truth. But for too long people of faith have remained silent or even supported the killing of millions of unborn children. It is time for all people of faith and moral conscience to unite and defend the most vulnerable among us. If necessary we must stand alone. What difference can one person make? Ask George Washington. Ask Abraham Lincoln. Ask Martin Luther King Jr. You were born for such a time as this. How will you make a difference?

Upcoming Events

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