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How can you be Pro-Life in Owensboro?

  • Stay in the know…like us on Facebook.
  • Become a member today!
  • Get your hands dirty and volunteer.
  • Organize a fundraiser at your school, work, or church (we'll help you!).
  • Commit to pray for the end of abortion…pick up a prayer card today!
  • Attend pro-life events.
  • Let your state representative know you're pro-life.
  • Start conversations with your friends and neighbors…learn how to defend your views.
  • Talk to your kids about pro-life issues.
  • Set up an info table at your church. (We'll get you everything you need!)
  • Get a pro-life licence plate.

Featured on this website are facts about this vital pro-life organization. In visiting the various links, you will meet our board of directors and volunteers, learn about our history, and find out more about what we do in the defense of Life. You will also be able to find answers to questions you might have about our organization and get the opportunity to join us either as a member through participation in our wide range of events or a volunteer.

Attention! We need your help!

We are in need of both a (slightly used or new) digital camera and video camera to help catch all of the RTLO action! Cameras would greatly help our marketing team and allow us to share all of our events. Please consider donating or sponsoring a camera. Want to help? Call (270) 685-4922 or stop by the office!

Help Wanted

We need YOU to step up and make a big impact for the pro-life movement! Please consider becoming an office volunteer and helping our organization make a difference in Owensboro! Of 15 regular volunteer positions, we only have 4 filled. That means that we need AT LEAST 11 people to sacrifice around 3-4 hours a week of their time to help RTLO. Please don't hesitate. You will not regret being involved in the movement that ends abortion!

The Truth Is…

If you want to know the truth about abortion, statistics regarding abortion on demand, or Planned Parenthood a.k.a. Margaret Sanger, in regards to our current The Truth Is campaign, please follow any one of the following links for detailed information.

Upcoming Events

To find out how to participate in our upcoming events, check out our events page.