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Why does RTLO exist? The purpose for which RTLO is organized is to encourage among the general public an understanding of the dignity and worth of each human life, whatever his or her state or circumstances; to foster respect for human life before and after birth, particularly for the defenseless, the incompetent, the impaired and the incapacitated; to promote and encourage passage of amendatory and statutory measures which will provide protection and support for human life. Included in the protection and support are unborn children who are endangered by those birth control methods, commonly referred to as contraceptives, which are abortifacients in whole or part.

How can you be Pro-Life in Owensboro?

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  • Get your hands dirty and volunteer.
  • Organize a fundraiser at your school, work, or church (we'll help you!).
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  • Attend pro-life events.
  • Let your state representative know you're pro-life.
  • Start conversations with your friends and neighbors…learn how to defend your views.
  • Talk to your kids about pro-life issues.
  • Set up an info table at your church. (We'll get you everything you need!)
  • Get a pro-life licence plate.

Featured on this website are facts about this vital pro-life organization. In visiting the various links, you can find out more about what we do in the defense of Life. You will also be able to find answers to questions you might have about our organization and get the opportunity to join us either as a member through participation in our wide range of events or a volunteer.

Help Wanted

We need YOU to step up and make a big impact for the pro-life movement! Can you give 2-4 hours of your time one day a week to help out in our office? Please consider becoming an office volunteer and helping our organization make a difference in Owensboro! Stop by the office and pick up a Volunteer Packet. Maybe you would rather volunteer at one of our fundraising events or information booths. Whatever your preference, we have opportunities for you to get involved. Don't hesitate. You will not regret being involved in the movement that ends abortion!

Letter from the President

(Written by Jerry Embry; taken from Commemoration Service remarks)

This week people gathered all over this country to honor all those who have lost their lives to abortion. We honored those who have been deeply affected and for...ever changed by the pain of abortion. January 22, 2015 marked the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court that legalized the killing of unborn children at any stage before birth in all 50 states. Since that fateful day in 1973 more than 57 million young lives have been ended. Some dissolved with chemicals, some violently torn from their mother's womb, and others partially born only to have their spinal cord cut.

History has shown us the brutality of mankind. The horrors of the Holocaust remind us that 11 million people were exterminated simply because they were deemed inferior and of no value. More recently the images of twin towers burning and collapsing remind us of nearly 3,000 souls that were lost in an organized attack of terrorism. Today, in America, more that 3,000 lives are ended every single day all under the guise of choice and women's reproductive health.

I ask you, when will the killing end? How can we allow it to continue? What will you do to stop the atrocities? Let us continue to pray that hearts would be changed. Let us continue to educate our communities on the truth of abortion. Let us continue to stand up and be a voice for those who have no voice. May God have mercy on us and may He forgive us for callously growing cold and unconcerned about abortion.

Upcoming Events

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